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Publisher: Robert Randall

Robert Randall, the Ph.D. from the University of Stanford has founded the Multi Trade Association (MTA) in 2008.
Randall was a leading analyst at the market of bio technologies. After some time he decided to found his own company, instead of working for other people and making them rich. He believes he is good in only one thing – business analysis. That’s why Randall has started his analytical firm.
He analyzed the market and found out that there are many similar companies without any particular specialty. Randall decided to focus his abilities on public stocks from 18 months to 7 years. They all must be under the 1st offering price.
Randall has made a fortune by picking up only the most promising stocks, while his colleagues believed they could not rise in price.
And now we follow his advice, making an analysis of the market for our clients, and teach investors how to search for the winning stocks themselves.